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    September 12th, 2012 @ 10:38 pm by Kevin

    Just got back from a fantastic sneak preview screening at the Belcourt tonight. The coolest moment was arriving at the theater and seeing a LONG lineup of people waiting to get in (hence the photo). We had to drive a few blocks away just to find a parking spot!

    The screening itself was nerve-wracking for me–I’m never good with those sorts of things. But thankfully I had an interview with a reporter from AP to distract me for part of it. The rest of the time I spent fretting at the back of the theater. Afterwards we did a Q&A in the theater and then moved the party across the street to the Fido Cafe, where we got to chat with dozens of people who attended the screening. What amazed me was how passionately engaged people were with the film. It definitely struck a nerve.

    Overall, things couldn’t have gone better. After months of talking about the movie, we can finally let the movie speak for itself. There’s no telling where things will go from here, but this was a great way to start.


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  1. Congrats Kevin! You have worked hard and its good to see the kickoff finally happen. Looking forward to great things as a result of this movie.

  2. Steve "Dr. Frybrain" Frey September 13, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing it in Grand Rapids

  3. I want to see it again, take notes and do my own research on some of the fascinating information presented regarding the historical emergence of the concept of hell. Kevin, you’ve done a terrific job of giving a platform for a myriad of divergent points of view.

  4. I pray that the Spirit will work healing through this film! No pressure 🙂

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