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    September 13th, 2012 @ 9:17 pm by Kevin

    As I posted a few days ago, I’m going to be traveling across the US and Canada doing Q&A screenings in as many cities as I can get to. Some of these events will take place in the theater, others will take place in a venue right next to the theater. And some, such as last night’s screening in Nashville, will be a little bit of both. So, here’s an update on the next few places I’ll be:

    • Sept. 21 – NYC – Cinema Village: Q&A in theater after the 7:10 showing. I’m sourcing a place where we can kick back and enjoy a beverage afterwards.
    • Sept. 22 – Dallas – AMC Grapevine Mills 30: After the screening, we’ll head next door to Cozymels Coastal Mex, where we will have the Vera Cruz room all to ourselves for Q&A.
    • Sept. 25 – Minneapolis – AMC Showplace Inver Grove 16: Q&A will happen in theater.
    • Sept. 28 – Pasadena – Laemmle Playhouse 7: Q&A in theater. Where we go after that is up to you.

    More dates and venues to come. Also, the Q&A screenings will take place after whatever screening is closest to 7pm. Unfortunately, most theaters don’t post showtimes until the Tuesday of the week a film opens. So keep checking back here.

    Reminder: Unless indicated otherwise, our screening dates are minimum one-week engagements. So if you can’t make it on opening night, don’t worry. You’ll still have time to catch the film on another night. But as many of you know, posting big box office numbers on opening weekend is critical, so if you’re going to round up a posse and hit the theater, opening weekend is the time to do it!

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  1. Great idea to have more Q&As after the opening nights. I pray God blesses them & keeps you healthy & safe!

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