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    March 30th, 2012 @ 3:01 pm by Kevin

    This came to me via my friend Jason Goode.


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  1. Yeah, I find this explanation gave language to what I actually believe. Does this mean we should convert to Eastern Orthodoxy?

  2. Bundesbedenkenträger March 31, 2012 at 2:05 am

    I’m a bit surprised he calls protestant view what I considered catholic view. Maybe one should rather say Eastern and Western. But still, there are and have been traces of what he calls “Orthodox view on salvation” in protestant churches. If you read Aulen, that’s exactly what Luther believed. And then, there’s of course Derek Flood:

    • I agree, I think a better way of putting it is the Eastern and Western view. I can also concur that more and more Protestants look at the atonement, salvation and hell quite differently from the penal substitution point of view. (I’m one of them.)

      Now you have me curious about Derek Flood. Will have to look him up.

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  4. there are elements of both views that i find correct, but the orthodox definitely retain some really vital elements of the gospel that the protestant view leaves behind. the orthodox view reminds us that the gospel is all about god seeking us out in his love, while the protestant view stresses about how much of “awful sinners” we all are and how wrathful god is towards us. the orthodox view does not deny the wrath of god but rather reminds us that the wrath of god is in our favor, because it is against sin, and not us, that god is wrathful, because his love is for us, and he will fight to reclaim us because sin has stolen us away.

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