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    January 27th, 2012 @ 9:48 pm by admin

    In terms of 20th century villainy, most people’s go-to guy is Adolph Hitler. Apart from his obviously abhorrent crimes, another contributing factor may be the Nazis’ striking iconography, which has made them the ideal villains in so many films, novels and comic books over the years. So when we think of history’s worst butchers, Hitler is the first person who comes to mind.

    However, in terms of sheer numbers, Joseph Stalin wins the prize as Europe’s most egregious killer. While Hitler is blamed for around 12,000,000 deaths, Stalin was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 23,000,000 people. And that’s in addition to the other kinds of untold misery he inflicted upon the world.

    And Stalin, himself? He died in his sleep. Depending on which theory you believe, he had a stroke or he was poisoned. Either way, most people will probably agree he got off easy in the end, especially compared to his victims, many of whom endured bitter cold and starvation in one of the worse genocides in human history.

    But what about after the end?



    I don’t care if you’re an Infernalist, an Annihilationist or a Universalist, almost everyone agrees that someone like Stalin will have hell to pay. Otherwise, how could God be considered just?

    But what will hell look like for someone like Stalin?

    Will it last forever?

    Will his punishment–and, possibly, his repentance–involve his victims in some way? I don’t see how it couldn’t.

    It makes me think of the way the Universalist authors of If Grace is True envision heaven.

    I do not know where we will sit at the final banquet, but I suspect who will sit beside us. On our right will sit the person whom we have harmed the most. On our left will sit the person who has done the greatest evil to us. We will be seated between grace received and grace required.

    That’s a beautiful image, but I get the feeling there would be a VERY long line-up of people queuing for that seat to the right of Stalin.

    But enough about Stalin. What about that seat to the right of me?

    What about the seat to the right of you?

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  1. Kevin Miller fits perfectly right there!

  2. I guess we need to ask ourselves what is true justice? Is it incarcerating someone in their sin and rottenness giving them “what they deserve” while they cycle in evil, sin and death for eternity? Is the goal of true justice to leave someone like Stalin or Hitler in their hatred of God and man interminably? Is that what you imagine comes from a holy God, to allow sin and death to perpetuate among billions of His image-bearers forever in His universe “like a festering wound never to be healed”? (J. Bonda)

    Does the Bible speak of getting justice or doing justice? We are told that true Biblical justice is ultimately returning things to their “right-useness” or to righteousness as opposed to retaliation and retribution. I think we know this instinctively but then we fail to expect it from the God who defined it.

    Why would God’s ultimate justice be any different from the temporal justice we are commanded to practice down here?

    I did a post that included some thoughts on Hitler entitled “Do You DESIRE For All to be Saved?” at:


    • You are an anti-Christ fool. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself said HELL is REAL and the LAKE OF FIRE IS ETERNAL CONCIOUS TORMENT! Read Matthew 25:41. Jesus said He will say to the lost, the goats, that they depart from Him into the unquenchable fire prepared for the Devil and his angels. Are you calling the LORD JESUS CHRIST a liar? All universalists and annihilationists do. Jesus said time after time that the lost person would be sentenced to eternal torment in Hellfire forever. When death and Hell are cast into the lake of fire, the second death, this is obvious: All people who are lost and in Hell will be cast into the Lake of fire. Revelation 20:15. Whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the Lake of Fire.
      Revelation 14:11. The smoke of their torment goes up day and night forever and ever. All of you universalists are anti-christs and you are going against the clear teachings and words of the Lord Jesus Christ, God Himself, and siding with fallen human emotions. In Luke 16, the Lord Jesus Christ tells us of the lost rich man and the saved poor man, Lazarus. This is not a “parable”. The real name of the poor man is mentioned and it is clearly speaking of a lost rich man in Hell. Notice there is never any indication that the lost rich man can ever be redeemed. He never even asks God for salvation or shows any repentence. All he shows is that he is the same in Hell as he was on earth: He is concerned for his flesh and blood brothers and he wants to have some water. He does not ever address God Himself. Abraham tells him there is no hope for him; he is in torment, and it is eternal and forever. The saved poor man Lazarus is in paradise and that too is forever, and there is no way for the saved or lost to get over to where each group is. FACE IT: JESUS IS THE GREAT DIVIDER of humanity into SAVED vs LOST. Jesus Himself said He will return and destroy everything offensive to HIM and His Father. You universalist liars. You expect God to allow sin to ruin Heaven. God will NEVER allow that. If God were to empty Hell into Heaven and allow the lost unregenerate persons and Satan and his devils into Heaven Heaven would become HELL, and God won’t do it. If you don’t repent of your unbelief in Christ here on Earth there is no hope for you after physical death. Lost humans are SPIRITUALLY DEAD. He who hath the Son hath life and He who hath not the Son of God hath not life but the wrath of God abideth on Him.

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