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    June 11th, 2012 @ 8:31 am by Kevin

    I know we ran a similar poll a few months back, but even if you voted then, please take a moment to vote again.

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  1. Guys, “Universalism” is too vague. It implies that all roads lead to heaven. “Restorationism” is much more biblically sound. It teaches that all will eventually confess Jesus Christ as Lord and all of creation will be restored to the Father. , as Paul makes abundantly clear, not to mention the law and prophets.

    • I agree, but most people would not know what “Restorationism” means. I realize the term “universalism” can be defined in many ways, but even the people in the eternal torment camp are deeply divided about many theological issues, such as whether people end up in hell by their own choice, whether God predestines some people to hell, etc.

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