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    July 27th, 2012 @ 9:42 am by Kevin

    The Belcourt Theater in Nashville has kindly set up an event page and another page where you can pre-order tickets for our Sept. 12 screening. It’s a 330-seat theater, and I want to pack the house. In fact, I’d like to sell out this screening ahead of time so the Belcourt will hold us over for a second night. I’m going to be there along with other members of the Hellbound? team to introduce the film and do some Q&A afterwards. We are also planning to migrate to a nearby restaurant afterwards to continue the conversation. So if you’re in Nashville, we’d love to see you come out. And if you know anyone in Nashville who would like to attend, please pass on this info.

    Also, don’t forget our screenings in NYC, Seattle, Phoenix, Pasadena and elsewhere. We’ll be announcing a whole whack of additional dates in the US and Canada soon.

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