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    March 23rd, 2012 @ 11:12 am by Kevin

    It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes an army of volunteers to help make a movie like Hellbound? a success.

    As we prepare our theatrical release strategy for the film, we are looking for individuals and groups in various communities across North America (and beyond!) who are willing to become Hellbound? ambassadors (“Hell-raisers”?) in their community.

    In particular, we are looking for people who can recommend ideal neighborhoods and venues in which to release the film. We are also looking for partners who are willing to help promote the film to their friends, church, small group, college campus, etc. as we draw closer to the release.

    Of course, we’d never ask you to do something for nothing. So in addition to providing you with promotion resources, we’d also like to reward your efforts somehow. But we’d like to avoid a gimmicky points program that makes you feel like a rat in one of B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning experiments. Instead, we’d like to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with you as a real person (imagine that!) so that as you help us meet our goals, we can help you meet yours.

    So we’d like to hear from you. First of all, are you passionate about the subject matter? That’s great. We’d love to hear your story. Second, are you interested in helping us out? If so, what can we do for you? Perhaps it’s an invitation to a sneak preview, a “special thanks” credit, a free lunch, a T-shirt, an exclusive screening of the film followed by Q&A with the filmmakers at your college or church, or maybe a simple “Thank you!”

    Whatever it is, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Just let us know!

    And thanks to all of the people who are already helping us “raise hell” by posting our trailer to their Facebook site, blog, etc.

    This is just the beginning!

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  1. I would love to help you guys if I can; we live in Edmonton, I know David (unless he denies this). In 99 I did a paper in seminary on eternal conscious punishment vs. annihilationism and I continue to “slide”. Can’t wait for the movie! Let me know how/if I can help. What would I want in return?……A picture of Mr. Rempel and his bro wearing a Saskatchewan Rider’s cap, that’s it.

  2. Hi, I shot an email to David on this eariler, but Just Hearse’N Around can definately help with a promotion. There aren’t any theaters in Hell (Michigan), but the State Theater in Ann Arbor is not too far away. It is smack dab in the middle of the University of Michigan, so you’ll be sure to sell out. The only thing Just Hearse’N Around ever asks for is a ticket to the attraction we are promoting. Of course, as “special thanks” credit in the film for the group and yours truely (individually) is always appreciated!

  3. Hey, I also live in Edmonton and would love to help promote this around here. This has become a very “hot” topic in my circles.

    So, even though I despise the Riders (I’m a Bombers’ fan), I can help raise hell about this film!

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