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    June 19th, 2013 @ 3:39 pm by Kevin

    This is a video of a debate I did with Pastor Mark Glanville in Langley last week. After watching the debate, you can find the post-debate Q&A here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Kevin. I finally got around to watching it a couple days ago and wanted to respond to it a little bit. The feeling I got was that Rev. Glanville is coming from a perspective that is, as he says about universalism, a minority perspective. My religious education is one part mainline Protestant, one part uber-Reformed. I never heard the stuff Rev. Glanville was saying during my time in either of those two camps. Granted, I’ve bumped into some of it in my journeys since – but it’s simply not going to be on the radar in any of the churches in the U.S. unless you roll into an inclusive variant of the U.C.C.

    Anyway, the feeling I had is that your arguing points were sort of missing one another on account of Rev. Glanville not being 180 degrees out from you. It was more like he was 45 degrees out or perhaps 270 degrees out. Something like that. Nonetheless, the debate was interesting in that it demonstrates there are new viewpoints arising that are getting a voice at the table – even if that table isn’t here in America (or maybe I’m wildly ignorant – I don’t know, I’ve just never bumped into someone talking about justice and the need for multicultural theological perspectives in the way he is aside for a very few precious times).

    In any case, I’m an interloper of sorts in this discussion. I was burnt pretty bad by Reformed theology during a vulnerable period of my life, when I was trying to rebuild my faith. I’ve journeyed through a lot of other things since that time – but I had a lot of very powerful mystical Christ-centered experiences when I was a teen that leave me unable – and I guess unwilling – to completely forget about Jesus, even if Christianity seems a real mess.

    Anyway, to come back to this debate, it feels like you needed to debate an American megachurch pastor – or even a stodgy old school mainline Protestant. Perhaps they’re all behind the times here – but they all think being behind the times is “the true and historic faith” anyway and something to be proud of.

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