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    September 23rd, 2012 @ 7:19 am by Kevin

    I’m only six days into the first leg of my North American tour to promote Hellbound?, and I’m already drifting in and out of the travel fog that takes over due to shifting time zones, lack of sleep, endless emails and interviews, homesickness and so on. The worst time it hit me was toward the end of a two-week trip during production last fall. I blew in to the Denver airport and had to race to make my connection. As I rushed up to the gate the airline rep asked me where I had just come from. I had to stop and think about it for a moment. Even then, I had to admit to her that I had no idea. (Turns out it was Kansas City.) At any rate, while I have a few moments to sit down in this beautiful lounge at DFW (thank you, Samsung!) I thought I’d try to capture a few thoughts:

    After four days in NYC and less than 24 hours in Dallas, I’m en route to LA to do a full press day tomorrow. Thankfully, there’s only one interview on the schedule today–with a radio station back in Vancouver, of all things. So there’ll be time to get some rest, call home, do some laundry and maybe, just maybe, catch a screening of The Master tonight.

    Thus far the trip has gone very well. It’s been loads of fun reconnecting with several people I interviewed in the film. We have had reasonable though not exceptional numbers turn out for Q&As. But in every case, the post-screening discussion has been passionate and invigorating. I’ve met a lot of interesting folks, including several people I’ve become friends with online. It’s great to see so many people connecting with the film. Last night in Grapevine (Dallas) was no exception. In fact, we had several credentialed profs and pastors in the theater, and they all gave the film an enthusiastic thumbs up.

    Press coverage has also been somewhat better than expected, with positive coverage in the NY Times, the Village Voice, the Wall Street Journal and so forth. That’s a little bit surreal, as is walking into an AMC theater and seeing my face up there on the screen.

    I guess you could say that right now I feel like an indie band touring across the country simply trying to let people know we exist and building an audience–one person at a time if need be. I have no illusions about the film becoming an overnight sensation, so I’m trying to pace myself and my expectations. And I’m also trying to enjoy it while it lasts, because even though I cringe a bit as I look at the grueling amount of traveling I have yet to do, I know it’ll all be over before I know it.

    Time to head to my gate, but before I go, just a quick reminder that I’ll be doing a Q&A screening in theater with Greg Boyd following our 7pm screening in Inver Grove (Minneapolis/St. Paul area). Greg is a fantastic guy, so you won’t want to miss it!

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