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    June 25th, 2012 @ 1:26 pm by Kevin

    I had SUCH a good time hanging out with Frank, Brad Jersak, Brian McLaren, Michael Hardin, Rayborn Johnson, Derek Flood and so many others at the Wild Goose Festival this weekend.

    We also did a sneak preview of Hellbound? on opening night. I was pretty nervous considering four of my cast members were there (three of whom had yet to see the film) but it couldn’t have gone better–complete with fireflies dancing in front of the screen and the occasional snort from the two pigs lazing about in their pen next door.

    Best of all was Frank’s rave review of the film and his incessant proselytizing on our behalf. I don’t think anyone went home from the festival without hearing one of his many recommendations to see it.

    To hear a bit of what Frank had to say about the festival and our film, check out his reflections in the Huffington Post.

    On top of that, I also want to announce that I have optioned Frank’s soon-to-be-published novel “Baptism by Sand,” a semi-autobiographical coming of age romp that is as satirical as it is endearing. If all goes according to plan, it will be my next project.

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  1. Loved Wild Goose. I missed the screening but heard great stuff. I’m looking forward to having this as a resource!

  2. Thanks for bringing the movie out to WGF. I had a great time at the festival, but seeing Hellbound was the highlight. When it hits Dallas, I’ll be bringing friends along.

  3. Any events near Denver?

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