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    January 10th, 2012 @ 9:07 pm by admin

    As of this moment, the first 9 minutes and 48 seconds of the film is assembled. That’s essentially 10% of the finished length, so I’m feeling good about that. And when I say assembled, I actually mean a bit more than that, because I tend to overdo things before handing the footage off to Simon, my editor. Partly because I’m a frustrated editor at heart, and partly because I need to make things feel as complete as possible so I’m able to envision each segment. So by the time Simon is done with it, we’ll have a fairly tight cut.

    Meanwhile, Simon has been hard at work putting together our teaser trailer. I just watched the first draft today, and I can already tell it’s going to be great. I still haven’t decided exactly when to release it, but we may offer a sneak peek at a live venue toward the end of this month. More news on that soon.

    Next week Dave Rempel (my co-producer) and I are making a quick trip down to LA for some marketing and distribution meetings. That should help fill in a few blanks in terms of when, where and how you’ll be able to see the film. Stay tuned.

    While you’re waiting, please help us spread the word. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Like our Facebook page
    • Follow us on Twitter
    • Choose 10 people at random out of the phone book and give them a call.
    • If a telemarketer calls you, before you hang up, tell him or her about “Hellbound?”
    • Get ten buddies together, paint the letters “H-E-L-L-B-O-U-N-D-?” on your chest and see if you can get on the jumbo tron at a hockey game
    • Be the first person to get a “Hellbound?” tattoo!
    • Ask your pastor/priest/professor/teacher if he or she has heard about our film
    • Ask your local theater owner if he or she has heard about our film
    • Drape a banner with the film’s logo and web site on it across a freeway overpass
    • If you’re riding on a plane or a bus, tell the person next to you about “Hellbound?”
    • After you tip the waiter/waitress, tell them about “Hellbound?”
    • Write our web site on a piece of paper, seal it in a bottle and throw it into the ocean. Then again, if you care at all about the environment, how about just sticking the note into the bottle before you drop them both off at the recycling depot?
    • Wrap your car in the “Hellbound?” logo
    • Vow to occupy Wall Street until the film comes out. On second thought, I think that’s been done…
    • Write a song about “Hellbound?” and then go out and sing it in the street. Not only will you help promote the film, if you put out a hat, you’ll probably make enough to buy a ticket to see it.
    • Buy a handbasket and a globe. Slap the “Hellbound?” logo onto the globe. Put the globe into the handbasket. Then go to a public space and stage an interpretive dance using the globe and the handbasket. (Bonus points if you use the song you wrote about “Hellbound?”
    • Stage a flash mob where at the count of three, everyone yells “Hellbound?” and then recites our web site address.
    • Enter “hell” as a destination on your GPS. When people ask you why, tell them about our film.

    Those are my ideas. Now let’s hear yours!

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  1. punching Brad Marchand in the face and saying, “HAVE YOU SEEN HELLBOUND YET?” and then punching him once more because he is a Boston Bruin

  2. Patrick: Or, you could just bite his finger;)

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