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    August 20th, 2012 @ 12:46 pm by Kevin

    It’s called Talking to Christians About Hell–It’s not As Easy As You’d Think. A brief excerpt:

    Anyone who thinks filmmaking is glamorous should try making a documentary sometime. Better yet, try promoting one.

    For a high profile film like The Hobbit, promotion means having Peter Jackson premiere an exclusive clip to hundreds of adoring fans at Comic-Con and then flying back home to New Zealand in his private jet. For a low budget documentary like Hellbound?, it looks more like some poor schmuck (usually me) standing outside a big, black tent at a dusty, blazing hot Christian music festival handing out swag and asking—begging—people to come inside and watch our trailer.

    I shouldn’t complain. As we’ve traveled to various festivals across the country, I have met literally thousands of potential viewers—something I doubt Peter Jackson ever gets to do. It’s been a fascinating, educational journey, and I’ve made plenty of new friends. But at times it’s also been frustrating. You’d think talking to Christians about hell would be a slam-dunk. But my experience has shown me it’s anything but.

    Read the rest here.

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  1. Hello Kevin,

    Big fan of your writing and also your documentaries. Glad to know someone that is willing to stand up and expose real truth to begin conversation.

    Keep on keeping on Brother. May the Love of God induce an auric feel of Love, Compassion and Gratitude about you. Hallejujah, One Love.

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