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    January 4th, 2012 @ 7:16 pm by admin

    As of this morning, I have officially gone through all of our interview footage and selected the portions that we will potentially use in the final cut of the film. I actually managed to finish a bit ahead of schedule, with the entire procedure taking me only about six weeks to complete.

    Now comes perhaps the most daunting phase of the film making process (although I say the same thing at the beginning of every phase): the rough assembly of the film. Going through the footage, making selects, labeling them and filing them is mostly grunt work. Now comes the creative part of the process, where we begin to pull these disparate pieces together into something that resembles a coherent narrative.

    Of course, throughout the process of making this film, I’ve been working and reworking the outline in my head and on paper. But before I actually start dropping clips into the timeline, I’m going to rewrite it one more time based on a number of new ideas that occurred to me throughout the logging process.

    So if you stop by my office over the next day or two, you’re bound to find me scribbling barely legible notes onto 2′ x 2.5′ Post It notes stuck to my wall.

    And if you do stop by, please remember that I’m partial friends–or strangers–bearing gifts, particularly coffee or beer. 🙂

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