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    March 13th, 2012 @ 5:35 pm by Kevin

    I recently came across this chart in Tim Challies’ Twitter feed:


    While I certainly respect the educational impulse behind such a thing, it seems to me that if your image of God looks like this…

    Rather than like this…

    You run the risk of basing your religion on a theological abstraction rather than the person of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Great point! The truth is God looks like Jesus (not just the other way around) dying on a cross for the ones who nailed Him there.

  2. Of course they’re both just representations in the end, right?

    • Yes Emma, both images are representations. But the comparison I was drawing was between God as a person and God as a theological construct.

  3. Ah well some would say that what we know of God is always a theological construct… (see, thanks to you, I now know enough theology to be dangerous)

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