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    April 18th, 2012 @ 8:29 am by Kevin

    In this Byzantine-inflected icon of the Resurrection, the murdered Christ is still in Hell, the chief issue being  that this Resurrection is of our aged parents and all their poor relations. We find Him as we might expect, radiant in spotless white, standing straight, but leaning back against the weight of lifting them. Long tradition has Him standing upon two crossed boards–the very gates of Hell–and He, by standing thus, has undone Death by Death, we say, and saying nearly apprehend. This all–the lifting of the dead, the death of Death, His stretching here between two realms–looks like real work, necessary, not pleasant but almost matter-of-factly undertaken. We witness here a little sheepishness which death has taught both Mom and Dad; they reach Christ’s proffered hands and everything about their affect speaks centuries of drowning in that abysmal crypt. Are they quite awake? Odd–motionless as they must be in our tableau outside of Time, we almost see their hurry. And isn’t that their shame which falls away? They have yet to enter bliss, but they rise up, eager and a little shocked to find their bodies capable of this. — Scott Cairns

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