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    February 3rd, 2012 @ 11:45 pm by admin

    I have to admit I’ve been a little slow to embrace Twitter. Probably the result of reading too many inane, narcissistic posts early on, before anyone really knew how to use it. Of course, all that’s changed now that Twitter has been declared an inanity and narcissism-free zone.

    You know, like Facebook.

    But now that we’re starting to do the social media thing to help spread the word on Hellbound?, I’m taking Twitter a little more seriously. And I have to admit, I’m beginning to realize the error of my Luddite ways.

    Of the 89 people I’m following right now, Ricky Gervais is far and away the most brilliant. He’s an atheist, so I’m pretty sure I know his answer to the hell question–or at least the range of answers he might give (It’s never too late to do an interview though, Ricky!). But I like the fact he’s never shy about engaging religious people. And the responses he gives to religious claims are typically funny, blunt and on point. Some recent exchanges by way of example:

    @OldRuggedCruz: Ricky, do you know that MANY Christians believe God empowers us to do good?

    @rickygervais: He’s not very good at it then.

    @ChallonGoodeRVC: There’s heaps of proof of Gods existence!

    @rickygervais: Go on…?

    So if you’ve been skeptical about Twitter, just follow Ricky, and he’ll make you a believer–in Twitter, not God.

    And while you’re there, follow us, too!


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  1. Hey, there might be an Invisible Man In The Sky. And it could be that he created eirhytevng, and set up a perfect system that fell apart when a snake convinced someone to eat forbidden fruit, and then Man In Sky almost destroyed us with a flood, and then he confused us when we got uppity by giving us all different languages, and then he invented a sacrificial system, where if you did something bad, you killed a goat or a pigeon to make up for it. It could’ve happened. And it could be that none of that worked out very well, so The Invisible Man In The Sky revealed (for the first time in centuries !)that he had a son who was really him, and the son became the sacrifice to himself/invisible man in sky, etc., to make eirhytevng ok again. Then the Invisible Man In The Sky revealed (for the first time in centuries!) that he wasn’t just a duo, but a Trinity, and was 3 people in one. The new system was that if you believed that the son died to make eirhytevng ok, you went to the Happy Place forever. If you don’t believe this obviously logical story, The Invisible Man In The Sky will torture you forever.Because of this, our purpose in life, the thing we’re supposed to be “working so hard for”, is to tell other people this story, and persuade them that it’s true. Let me know how it works out for you, Harper ! !

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