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    July 6th, 2012 @ 7:58 pm by Kevin

    If you go to the home page of our web site, at the top you’ll see a Demand the Movie button. Please use it to demand the movie in your city. Knowing there’s an audience in a given area really helps us out when it comes to booking theaters. And don’t just demand it yourself, get your friends, family members, youth group, church and neighbors in on the act.

    Speaking of which, we have already booked the film in several cities, including New York, LA, Seattle and Phoenix. Several more are on deck. We will be posting a list of confirmed theaters soon. Until then…


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  1. Ron Murphy
    Don’t let the title of this movie fool you. After reading about it on “hellbound, the movie website”, with all the videos, blogs, and resources; I learned that it is more of a dialouge between theologians, ministers, and lay people about their different interpretations of just what the Bible doctrine of Hell is. Several leading ministers and theologians are finding what the “Literal Translation of… the Bible” and the primative Catholic (Latin=Universal) church’s teaching on the subject is: That Hell is not eternal but is finite and produces a purging of sinfulness, evils, and wickedness away, and turning souls back to their Creator–who will ultimately reconcile His fallen creation, rather than punishing them hopelessly forever!

    However, the directors and producers also have included interviews with those who hold to the “traditional” limited atonement and eternal Hell belief, which seemed to begin in the 5th Century A.D. with Augustine, the leading Latin theologian, and Justinian the Roman Emperor. I think that this movie will be very enlightening, and I hope bring a good expose of what happened in church history to change what the primative and Apostolic Church believed about Hell.

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