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    January 25th, 2012 @ 5:14 pm by admin

    It was a sarcastic piece penned during the first Gulf War. The first line went like this:

    Saddam Hussein, what a righteous name

    Change all the A’s to O’s

    Then you’ll have a label that is better able

    to describe him head to toe.

    I know, painful. So I’ll spare you the rest of it. Especially since it may unnecessarily raise some political hackles south of the border (the Canadian border, that is).

    All that to introduce our second set of web banners, which feature another former Western ally-turned-villain.



    Which makes me think these banners might be more effective at getting us to re-think our attitude toward those we have classified as “evil” if we featured “before” and “after” photos of these people. For example, here is Saddam Hussein as a boy, long before he committed his first act of political violence at age 22:











    And here’s what he looked like shortly after he was pulled out of the so-called “spider hole.”

    Although many of his atrocious words and actions during the intervening years are a matter of public record, one can only wonder about the inner workings of his heart during that same period.

    What dreams did the little boy in the photo have? What nightmares? Did he ever imagine that one day the entire world would witness his execution via a shaky cell phone cam?

    Would he have made different choices had he known such a fate was in the offing?

    Was any trace of the boy in the photo left as the noose was slipped over Saddam’s neck and he took one last look at this world through mortal eyes?

    Something to think about.
















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