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    December 20th, 2011 @ 8:48 pm by admin

    A few facetious thoughts. And yes, I realize the categories below aren’t mutually exclusive…

    If you’re an Atheist, you feel conflicted, b/c as much as you resent Christianity for threatening you with the horrors of hell, you have to admit that taking a few days off to spend time with family and friends isn’t such a bad idea–neither is that iPad 2 you just found under the tree.

    If you’re an Agnostic, the struggle to reconcile the horrors of hell with the joy of Christmas is just one more reason to keep your options open–and to pour yourself another hit of egg nog.

    If you’re Catholic, you simply embrace the mystery.

    If you’re Eastern Orthodox, relax–you have an extra two weeks to think about it.

    If you’re a Calvinist, Christmas is a time to thank God you’re one of the chosen.

    If you’re an Arminian, Christmas is a time to remind everyone to do some choosing.

    If you’re an Annihilationist, you’re probably known for putting the Christmas fire log on TV and quipping that hell is where you go to make an “eternal ash” of yourself. (Thanks to Peter Kreeft for that one.)

    If you’re a Universalist, your guest lists and gift lists are probably far longer than most.

    Finally, if you’re making a documentary called Hellbound?, you know it’s never too early to remind people that the Hellbound? DVD will make for a great Christmas present in 2012!

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