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    April 13th, 2012 @ 8:43 am by Kevin

    Silence on the blog is usually a good indication I’m deeply involved in some aspect of the post-production process. These past few days it’s been watching and re-watching the first 58 minutes of the film and then compiling a list of cuts and notes for my editor.

    Refining the cut is always an emotional process. Typically what I’ll do is assemble a section and then send it off to Simon (editor) so he can do his magic. Whenever I hit the “send” button, it’s usually with a feeling of elation, because I’ve finally nailed a segment that I’ve been struggling to perfect for days, if not weeks.

    Unfortunately, a key part of Simon’s magic is cutting a significant portion of what I think is absolutely vital to the film. So while I’m always eager to see what he’s done, a pit forms in my stomach every time a new timeline arrives in my inbox. That feeling often persists as I watch through the new cut and see all of his proposed changes. Sometimes it puts me into a state of despondency for days as I question why I embarked on this project in the first place, what type of gainful employment I might be able to find outside of the film industry, what’s the point in living anyway, and how am I going to explain to my investor that all of his cash is simply… gone?

    Thankfully, the pit of despair never manages to hold me for long. As we begin to come up with solutions for the problems we’ve identified, I start to believe we might really have something special here, and the feeling of elation returns. Then I dash off a few pages of notes and send them to Simon–which probably triggers his own cycle of despair as he realizes how much of his hard work I’m asking him to undo.

    But that’s just the way it goes in this business. Moments of elation followed by long patches of gut-wrenching anxiety. That’s why I like to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small, because I know it’s not going to last. But hopefully at the end of it all, the pain will worth it. And from what I can see of the film so far, I have every reason to believe it will be.


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  1. Kevin: The first rough cut of the Lord of the Rings part 1 (just the first film) was..over 9 hours, so do not despair!

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