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    March 3rd, 2012 @ 8:07 am by admin

    When he isn’t passing the buck, you can usually find Simon trying to pass himself off as an American. Originally from London, Simon now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two boys. But he still insists on using that nefarious form of artificial intelligence known as a “British accent.” Simon and Kevin’s working relationship goes all the way back to Kevin’s first feature, After…,a fact that Simon construes as a license to mock Kevin’s every foible with merciless intensity. Kevin often returns the favor by chiding Simon for his poor taste in movies and even poorer taste in television shows. But he grudgingly admits that Simon has redeemed himself somewhat of late by championing both Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Other Miller/Tondeur collaborations include Sex+Money, No Saints for Sinners, Expelled and Hakani. After working together for so long, Simon and Kevin have attained a certain degree of synergy. You could even call them the dynamic duo. The only problem is, they both think they’re Batman…

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