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    March 3rd, 2012 @ 8:11 am by admin

    If you need someone to help you find a good deal on a flight or a hotel room, get a release form signed, wrangle people out of the crowd for an interview, come up with humorous names for destinations on your GPS or find something–anything–with which to fill your sand bags when you’re in a pinch, David Rempel is your man. Originally from Chilliwack, BC, David was inspired to get into the film biz by the TV series Chips. And yes, that ring tone on his phone is the theme song for that epic show. Since obtaining a BA in film production at Biola University, David has spent the last seven years working on the creative side of television and feature film production. During that time, he has co-produced or executive produced numerous made-for-television movies, including Held Hostage, Storm Seekers, Tornado Valley, Come Dance at my Wedding and Toxic Skies. As David never tires of telling us, while at Biola, he interned at Phoenix Pictures and Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions, where they just happened to be making a little picture called The Passion of the Christ. Although you’d never guess it from his film credits, David’s true passion is baseball. In fact, at one point he was actually invited to join the Pittsburgh Pirates instructional league. Although David never made it to the big leagues, he never hesitates at an opportunity to fulfill one of his many childhood dreams…

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