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    March 3rd, 2012 @ 8:09 am by admin

    Spinal Tap had a problem holding onto their drummers. For us, it was the sound department that proved to be somewhat of a revolving door. Lest you assume the worst, Chris didn’t spontaneously combust, aspirate on his (or someone else’s) vomit or succumb to a bizarre gardening accident. No, Chris’s departure after the first three weeks of shooting was all about money, job security, a positive working environment and amiable co-workers–virtually none of which he (apparently) experienced on Hellbound? Now we all hope he’s full of regret each morning as he heads off to his cushy, downtown Vancouver studio to work for some high end post-production sound company, complete with monthly salary, reasonable hours and significant benefits. Despite appearances, we weren’t really bitter at Chris’s departure, but we did enjoy working with him. A lot. A fact we never hesitate to impress upon Tom Cassetta, otherwise known as Sound Man #2…

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