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    September 17th, 2013 @ 4:51 am by Kevin

    I’ve just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to finance post-production on my new documentary The 5&2, which is about the City of Abbotsford, BC’s attempt to disperse it’s homeless population by dumping chicken manure on one of their camps. Here is the teaser trailer:

    “The 5&2” Teaser Trailer from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

    I’m seeking $50,000 to fund post-production on the film. You can read all about the campaign here. Below is a five-minute video where I explain what inspired me to make the film, what I hope it can achieve, and the unique approach I’m taking to the “perks” typically offered through campaigns like this.

    “The 5&2” IndieGoGo fundraising video from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

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  1. I have known many homeless people in my life. Many are mentally ill and should be taken away and treated. The rest are just plain bums. A local paper here got a bunch of flack for doing interviews with these ‘disenfranchised’ people that exposed the fact that many simply refuse to be tied down to the time clock like the rest of us. The whole trip being laid on us is akin to ‘white guilt’…’have-a-place-to-live’ guilt.

    That being said, I am sort of an enabler in that I give burgers and such to those who panhandle (often refused because they don’t even want food) but I will never give them a plug nickel.
    Is Hellbound coming to RedBox?

    • Hellbound? is on Netflix, but not Redbox, at least not yet. I just signed a distribution deal for the US, so we’ll see. I spent a lot of my summer interviewing people who are homeless in Abbotsford as well as those who work with them. Didn’t find a bum in the bunch–except perhaps for the city workers who thought it best to dump chicken manure on the camp site. They might qualify as bums, but more likely just following orders.

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