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    May 11th, 2013 @ 6:47 am by Kevin

    In addition to the extra features on the DVD, we are slowly releasing  interview outtakes and other bonus segments from the mountain of footage left on the cutting room floor. Here are the first two items, available to download from Vimeo for a nominal fee:

    • W. Paul Young, Baxter Kruger and John MacMurray (41 minutes) – In an informal discussion that took place in Paul’s kitchen, we discuss the connection between theological paradigms, perceptions of God and emotional states. A very powerful discussion strongly rooted in a Trinitarian view of God. Available now for just $3.
    • Michael Hardin (9 minutes) – Mimetic theorist and Girardian scholar Michael Hardin helps us understand why we scapegoat others and how hell plays into the picture. An invaluable resource for just $2.

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