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    March 13th, 2012 @ 7:50 pm by Kevin

    As of this moment, I am uploading the final section of my initial assembly of Hellbound? for my editor, Simon Tondeur, to refine and polish. We’re still a ways from the finish line, but this is a major milestone that must be acknowledged and celebrated.

    In terms of an analogy, this is the equivalent of a novelist completing his or her first draft. I also like to equate it to a road tunneling crew finally making it through to the other side of the mountain. It’ll still be a while before cars are driving through the hole they’ve made, but at least they can finally see daylight.


    So on that note, I’m going outside. I’m in Whistler right now vacationing with the family. It’s been snowing practically non-stop for the last 36 hours, and if any place could be described as a winter wonderland, this is it. They say heaven can wait, but so can hell… at least until tomorrow.

    P.S. I’m writing this at the same desk from which we launched our first press release about Hellbound? one year ago almost to the day (March 18, 2011). So it seems a fitting place to complete the first draft of the cut.


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  1. Great job! Can’t wait to see any version. I am sure it will be thought provoking.

  2. Congrats, Kevin. I’m sure you’re very excited!

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