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    February 21st, 2012 @ 11:13 pm by Kevin

    But don’t take that as an indication of anything other than my obsessive devotion to ironing out the argument flow of Act 2.

    I’ve kind of been in crisis mode over the last couple of days, cutting together section after section, talking it over with whoever would listen (mostly my wife), and writing outline after outline, but still not feeling like I had quite nailed it.

    Then I took some time off this morning to drive my daughter to dance class and make a fool of myself on the hockey rink (not a total fool, I did score one goal). And when I came back to the cut this afternoon, things finally began to click. Whew.

    I’ve been in this position many times before on other films, so I didn’t panic. But it’s never a pleasant experience at the time.

    By the way, the other day someone reacted in surprise when they heard me talking about a documentary in terms of a three-act structure. To clarify, I see all films (fiction and non-fiction) as a form of moral argument. Act 1 brings thesis and antithesis together. In Act 2, they duke it out. In Act 3, the conflict is resolved in a way neither side could have anticipated at the outset. It’s rarely a matter of one side triumphing over the other. Rather, we see a merging of the two ideas to create something new.

    All that to say, it may be quiet out there, but it’s far from quiet in here.

    So enjoy the silence. For now.

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  1. Funny — that’s how it works for me too, whether it’s a painting or a story or whatever. You have to walk away; take a break. Then it works better. Glad the juices are flowing for you again, Bro.

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