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    September 8th, 2012 @ 6:27 am by Kevin

    As we get closer to our opening date–Sept. 12 in Nashville and Sept. 21 in Dallas, NYC and Minneapolis–we are stepping up promotional efforts in all of our release cities. If we were a big budget studio film, this would be easy. Just spend millions of dollars buying ads on buses, billboards, radio and television. Seeing as we’re just a small indie film, we have to resort to other tactics–such as recruiting our friends, family and proto-fans to help us out. So if that’s you, and you live in one of our release cities, here’s something really practical you can do to help us out:

    1. Download this 8.5×11 poster that you can customize and then print out. You can change the text at the top and in the middle of the poster. At the top, you’ll note the current poster is customized for Langley, BC, which is the closest screening to where I live. I merely put the date it opens and the theater. Down below, I played up the local angle of the filmmakers and some of our cast. Maybe there’s a local angle in your city. For example, if you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, you might want to note that Greg Boyd is in the film. If you’re in Seattle, mention Mark Driscoll. I’ll leave the specifics to you. Scan our cast list and see what sort of connection you can make.

    2. Once your poster is finished, print off several copies and then go to the most popular coffee shops in your neighborhood and ask if you can hang them on the “Coming events” bulletin board. That’s exactly what I did yesterday in Abbotsford, where I live. Bonus points if you do this in the same neighborhood as the theater in which the film will be playing.

    Also, for people in Nashville, we already have a poster-nashville-2 made up for you. Just download, print and post.

    3. For bonus points, take a photo of where you posted the poster and send it to us. Better yet, pose beside it. We’ll put it on our Facebook page and make you famous!


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