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    July 17th, 2012 @ 10:32 am by Kevin

    Tomorrow morning we are off to our seventh summer music festival. This time it’s Creation Northwest, which takes place in Enumclaw, WA from July 18-21. If you’re planning to attend, please stop by our big, black tent and say hello.

    Following Creation NW, we will make an appearance at the Unity Festival in Muskegon, MI from August 8-11. Then we may have one more stop in the Pacific Northwest before our tour finally comes to an end.

    It’s been a fascinating journey up to this point. We have met literally thousands of people, from hardcore fundamentalists to Orthodox priests to the lead singer of a Christian metal band who quietly admitted to me that he’s not really a Christian–largely due to his inability to reconcile the idea of eternal torment in hell with a loving God. Across the board, we have sensed a keen and growing enthusiasm for our film, which has been very encouraging.

    Another thing I wanted to mention: Our tent has become somewhat of an object lesson of late. I admit it’s a bit intimidating–big and black with flames on it. What’s interesting to me is how people interpret it. More conservative people tend to eye us with suspicion, with some of them even questioning whether or not we are Christians. (Someone actually tried to evangelize my c0-producer Dave Rempel with a Ray Comfort book at Cornerstone.) Others see us as the “fire and brimstone guys” who are essentially at the festival to scare people into the faith. Both groups couldn’t be more wrong. But it’s not until they encounter us as individuals that they come to see things differently.

    So what’s the lesson? How we interpret something depends on what we bring to it. As my experience at the festivals have shown me, some of us bring suspicion. Others bring fear and scars from past abuse. Whatever the case, we tend to remain stuck in our interpretations until we have a personal encounter with whatever or whomever we are observing. And experience has shown me that such encounters often lead us to totally reevaluate our prior views. They’ve also taught me that there is no such thing as an objective, unbiased “correct” reading of anything–be it a tent or a Bible. So perhaps it’s time we stopped looking for one and simply accept that all of our readings are tentative and provisional, trusting that encounters between our interpretations and reality will help us determine how closely our views approximate the world as it is (or at least how it appears to be).

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